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Local North Carolina Seafood

Core Sound Seafood is a community supported fishery (CSF) that delivers fresh, local seafood to customers through CSF shares and custom orders. Similar to a CSA program in which you can buy produce directly from a farmer, a CSF creates a way for you to buy seafood directly from a fisherman.

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The fall season is now active. You can check out locations, schedules, and secure your share of North Carolina Seafood for the fall.

When and how often do you deliver?

September 18th: First delivery to the Triangle. Choose between 10 weekly deliveries or 5 bi-weekly deliveries on Thursdays.

September 26th: First delivery to Winston-Salem and Boone. The only option is 5 bi-weekly deliveries on Fridays.

How much per week?

You decide. The minimum is a half-share at 2 lbs. You can also order a full share at 4 lbs. There is also an online store where you can order additional items any given week. The share cost comes to $11.25 per lb, way below market rate for fresh seafood.

What kind of seafood is available?

The fall is a great time for seafood. Shares may include: founder, drum (red and black), sheephead, bluefish, jumping mullets, mackerel, spots, shrimp, crabmeat, clams, shucked oysters, & possibly a few offshore species. With a share you get what we are catching. You can pick and choose from the weekly online store.

Where can I pick up?

We deliver to locations in the Triangle, Winston Salem, and Boone. View pick-up locations for Local NC Seafood.

What if I can’t commit to a share?

We also have an online store with select items that you can order week by week without making a full season commitment. These items won’t be available until the season starts. Check out the details under custom orders above. Email us with help deciding the right plan for you and your family.

Community Supported Fishery

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Three Good Reasons To Try a CSF Share:

1. You Get Seafood That is Guaranteed Fresh

The quality of fish is directly related to how fresh it is. Your CSF share is delivered directly to you from our boats to your kitchen as fast as possible, making it a great way to get extremely fresh fish.

2. You Get Seafood at Lower Than Market Cost

Fresh wild-caught seafood can be expensive. The going rate for the fish you will find in a share on the open market can be $16-$24 per lb. With a CSF share your cost is only $11.25 per pound, at least  25% off market price. If you want fresh local fish at the lowest price, a CSF share is for you.

3. You Get Seafood That Is Locally and Sustainably Sourced

You will eat seafood that is local to North Carolina. Your share will have types of fish that are available in our area and not flown in from fish farms in Asia or other parts of the United States. You can take pride in eating seafood that was caught in a way that respects the fish and connects with our cultural fishing heritage in North Carolina.


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