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Note: This post first ran in Spring 2014. Scroll down for flounder recipes.Flounder

Tomorrow, we kick off the 2014 Spring Season with Flounder. 

As we all know, it has been a long and cold winter. Warm water is necessary for good fishing conditions. This week has been the first period of spring weather, the inland waters have just started the warming process but it is still cool. We need the weather to spike to get the fish from the ocean into the sound and the boats out more frequently. 

Shares this week will be filled with Flounder. The Flounder is ocean caught with a stern rig. Moving forward, our goal is to provide two species of fish with each share and we are disappointed that Mother Nature couldn’t cooperate. For next week, everything is looking up! The boats are out today and barring another Polar Vortex we will be back to offering the diversity of seafood in your next share. This is also a time we are thankful for you, our shareholders, and your participation in the CSF model that builds a strong relationship with our fishing families on the coast.

Tips on How to Cook Fresh Fish

Flounder provides a great opportunity to focus on how to cook fresh fish. While a recipe can accentuate the meal, properly cooked fresh fish is the star. This week we invite you to try cooking your Flounder in more than one way and see how different cooking methods flavor the fish. 

Go to our page on cooking fish right every time that gives you a fool-proof “10-Minute Rule” for all common cooking methods. Flounder is also a great way to try baking in parchment paper. Creating parchment packets with any mix of flavors is one of the most simple and risk free ways to prepare fish. Here is a basic recipe and technique with a video to guide you through the process: flounder baked in parchment paper


Flounder is the perfect fish to poach on the stove top in white wine, steam with vegetables, or bake with Parmesan. This season we are starting to use Pinterest for sharing recipes. Here we will pin favorite recipes from other sites on the web. 

Visit our Pinterest site for even more recipes. And if you can, please join and pin new recipes that you think others might like! 

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