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Spring 2014 – Week 2: Atlantic Croaker, Triggerfish, and Clams

As the weather warms up, this week gave us a variety of local species in Core Sound shares. In Durham and Carrboro, shares are filled with Atlantic Croaker and 2 dozen clams. Shares in Raleigh and Chapel Hill will have Atlantic Croaker and Triggerfish. The photos below are of the fish caught yesterday that will be in your shares today. We do our best to rotate locations when a catch is too small for all sites so everyone has a chance to try everything.

Atlantic Croaker








The Croaker were caught by a sink net in the ocean off Hatteras. Talk about eating local!  Croaker  is a common fried fish you will find in Eastern North Carolina, but there is not much  other  information on Atlantic Croaker online. They do go by other names such as Hardhead,  or  Corvina. Corvina is showing up on a lot of Southern menus and can encompass a wide  range of  croakers and drums. While we like fried fish, it is our goal to expand the way our  local speices  are cooked. Since they are in the Drum family, you can substitute your Croaker  for Drum or  Spot in recipes. Again, these are fresh caught today so any light treatment will  do them well.  Here is a link to grilling Croaker with an Asian flavor from to try: Grilled Croaker.









Triggerfish is another Southern favorite. Trigger used to be considered a fish that no one wanted so it was usually thrown out. Only fishermen and Southern chefs have enjoyed its wonderful    mild flavor and firm flake  over the years. It is coming back full force and making itself known up and down the Atlantic. We are happy  to make it available to you this week! Your Triggerfish was  hook and line caught.

With Spring in the air there is nothing we could recommend more than Triggerfish on the grill. Check out this  simple recipe for Triggerfish from our Pinterest page. With this simple approach taken care of, you can focus  on the sides and local beer you will drink out on the patio or deck.







These clams bring you the full flavor of the coast. Succulent and briney, you can taste the sound. They are fantastic simply steamed and then dipped in garlic butter as an appetizer. They also add a coastal flavor to many pasta dishes. Here are a few clam recipes from Core SoundSeafood.

Be sure to check out the Core Sound Seafood Pinterest Page for more recipes. Enjoy the weekend and please share how you cooked your share this week in Facebook or the comments below.

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