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Fresh Seafood Coming to Winston-Salem

Seafood Delivery

Core Sound Seafood CSF is making two deliveries to Winston-Salem in May!  

Core Sound Seafood is a community supported fishery (CSF) that delivers fresh, local seafood to customers through CSF shares and custom orders. Similar to a CSA program in which you can buy produce directly from a farmer, a CSF creates a way for you to buy seafood directly from a fisherman. Local residents who sign-up will receive incredibly fresh seafood delivered directly to town.

How Does It Work?

  1. Order NC Seafood online. Choose a share for both days or order items a la carte from our store.
  2. We prepare fresh seafood caught that week and send out our truck from Harker’s Island, NC.
  3. You pick it up on May 16 and May 30 at Washington Perk and Provisions, 228 W. Acadia Avenue.

Two Spring Delivery Dates

Pick up time is 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm at Washington Perk and Provisions. Core Sound Volunteers will be waiting there with a cooler.

Friday, May 16
Friday, May 30

What kind of seafood will you get?

In this spring, shareholders have received: Flounder, Tuna, Sea Bass, Sea Mullet, Wahoo, and Fresh Clams to name a few species. Softshell crabs will soon be available along with other seasonal shellfish. With the CSF model, you don’t know what you will get until the day before. You can, however, be guaranteed it is fresh, local, and low cost.

Sign-Up to get NC Seafood in Winston Salem Today!

Check out our site for more details on how the program works and what you can expect as a shareholder in a CSF.





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