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Smoked Mackerel and Bluefish

King Mackerel

This week we have a great catch of King Mackerel and Bluefish. Both these fish have high fat content that makes them great for smoking. If you want Mackerel Recipes or Bluefish Recipes that feature other cooking methods like grilling, baking, or searing, head over to our Pinterest page. There you will find some other great ideas to spark your kitchen engine. In this post, however, we are going to talk about ways to smoke fish.

We are going to talk about three smoking methods for a person who doesn’t have true blue smoker. If you have a smoker, we highly encourage you to fire it up for your Mackerel or Bluefish.  Anyway you smoke them, remember that brining for at least a half hour is essential for texture and helping the smoke infuse with the meat. Also, many say to let them completely dry out, ideally for 2 hours at room temperature.

  1. Grill smoked with wood chips.
  2. Tea smoked on the grill.
  3. Tea smoked indoors with a wok.

Grill smoked with wood chips

Using wood smoke is a common way we smoke here in the United States. The idea is to cook the fish low and slow over indirect heat. Soak your chips overnight in water and always make sure your heat is not directly under the fish. Watch a video tutorial and learn more about grill smoking fish. This method is very detailed yet presents all steps of the process.

Tea smoked on the grill

Tea smoking is a Chinese smoking method that can be done inside or out. With tea smoking, a packet of tea and spices creates the smoke instead of wood. You can include tea, orange peel, rosemary, brown sugar, star anise. The options are endless. Tea smoking can be a fun way to flavor your fish. Watch a video about tea smoking fish on the grill. Here is a tea smoke mix that I used last year. Citrus peel, black tea, and brown sugar were a must. I added herbs on hand with garlic, salt, and pepper.








Tea smoked indoors with a wok

Tea smoking can be done in a wok, or in an oven. This is best for imparting a smoked flavor without necessarily getting a fully smoked fish like you would see on a plate with crackers and spread. The only downside is that it can generate a lot of smoke if you are not careful. So if you can’t go outside go on and give this a try. Watch a video on tea smoking indoors.

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