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Black Sea Bass


Black sea bass can be confused with striped bass or Tautog, which is also called blackfish. A member of the Grouper family, this true Black Sea Bass coming your way has a mild, fresh, somewhat delicate flavor and a tender but firm texture. Uncooked flesh should be sparkling white and translucent. The meat is snow white when cooked. Black sea bass is high in Magnesium, great for those with high blood pressure or blood sugar issues.

Black Sea Bass are hermaphrodites. They are born female and then change to male at age 2-5 years. In 2014, they are a highly sustainable fish particularly when caught with a pot trap like the fish in shares this week. Black Sea Bass prefers structured habitats like wrecks and reefs. This preference means that it will enter pots and traps without bait. There are two stocks on the Atlantic Coast, the northern stock is north of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina and the stock south of Cape Hatteras is the southern stock. So we are in a unique location that is near this dividing line. 

Black Sea Bass

Here are Black Sea Bass from Core Sound Seafood on Wednesday before filleting for delivery to the Triangle on Thursday, and Boone and Winston Salem on Friday.

How to Cook Black Sea Bass

Here is a link to over 15 Black Sea Bass Recipes. You will see that most of the pictures show the fish presented with the skin on as it is not only okay to eat but is rather tasty. Here is a great tutorial on how to pan sear that is a great technique for this fish. You  may see recipes for Chilean Sea Bass. Black Sea Bass is different and shouldn’t be cooked the same way. Cooking Black Sea Bass is more related to how you would prepare Striped Bass, or Rockfish.

How to Store Black Sea Bass

To store sea bass, remove packaging, rinse fish under cold water, and pat dry with paper towels. Fish deteriorates when it sits in its own juices, so place it on a cake rack in a shallow pan filled with crushed ice. Cover with cling wrap or foil and set in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Sea bass will store well this way for up to two days.

A lean fish like this will freeze okay for about 4 months. Rinse the fillets in salted ice water. Fill a zip lock bag with tap water and totally submerge the fillets in the water. Seal the bags and put them in your freezer. The water helps protect the fish from freezer burn and keeps air away from the fillets. Remember, air is the enemy!


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