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Connecting Fishermen to Markets

Core Sound Seafood was started as a way to connect the fishermen of Down East Carteret County, North Carolina to a viable, local market.  Most of the fishermen that make up this coastal community have been fishing all their lives – often they can trace their fishing heritage back four or five generations. Sadly, these fishermen are increasingly leaving their life on the water as global markets, community economic loss, rising fuel prices and decreasing buying prices threaten their livelihood.

Our goal is to provide a market to these fishermen and their families by offering locally caught, fresh seafood to inland communities. We also utilize locally owned, Down East businesses to help provide items like hand-picked, fresh crab meat to shares.

Whenever possible, we buy seafood caught in North Carolina waters from Down East Carteret County fishermen. However, working within local food systems can have its challenges and we occasionally purchase from regional, small-scale fishermen in Georgia, South Carolina or Virginia to provide species that may not be available in North Carolina state waters due to weather and environmental conditions as well as availability. When this happens, first priority is given to Down East fishers who have traveled to fish in these waters. We strive to be as transparent as possible and will always note when items are coming from out of state waters.

We believe the bottom line is that small-scale fishermen are a tremendous resource in our state’s diverse agricultural offerings, and including them as producers in our regional food shed is vital.  We emphasize small-scale as we believe that small-scale fisheries are the most sustainable in that they protect and support marine eco-systems, livelihoods and the larger health of communities.